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TODAY - 15 APRIL 2021


How time flies. I have not done a blog for a long time but was reading my own blog which I have written since my lockdown in March 2020. It was brilliant to read how I reacted to being in blockdown, especially because of my age, old, but considering my reactions to losing the business and what happened in lockdown. I have written this very lenghty blog. If anyone wants to read I can forward. Contact me on

This blog wiill be so helpful to others who have been in the same situation. Life has been hard. As most people know I did get infected with the virus, and luckily lived through it.

My non existent imagination took control and I have now written a book, published soon, not about the virus but about imaginary anti-virus characters. Hopefully I can leave this to my family who can then let future generations realise what a 'different' person I am.

If anyone wants to email me or read my blog, please email me on

Love to all readers Elizabeth

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