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It is only 1.10am. I have been to bed but my mind is racing and probably realising that my whole world has changed within a very short time. Only in January of this year, going to work in Oyston Mill, thinking that soon I would not have to travel to Preston and work in this grim looking building, being very, very cold, I did not at that time think I would be forced to stay away for an unknown length of time. I had even planned to try to get away, once retired in June, on a lengthy cruise. Oh, how suddenly a minute speck of horror can change everyone’s lives.

Only in this past month I have held conversations with prospective purchasers for the business, but, I cannot think anyone can plan for the future, even not knowing if they would be in a position to move forward, as their own families could be in jeopardy. This is really of no significance now. The main aim for us all is to live through it.

As I have said, I am in my own little prison here, a very nice prison, and I am probably one of the most pampered prisoners in the country. I only have to say – please would you, or please can I have, and it is there. Food is plentiful, the sea only minutes away where I could take long walks, my own walled garden, but this is not what I had envisaged, so I have to control my mind to go in different directions.

I wonder if there is anyone out there doing what I am doing. It is a pity it is not a chat line, because I could receive an immediate response. My computer is my lifeline. There are thousands of people in England who have never used a computer, would be terrified if this were their only way of communicating, but yet have no one to talk to. I could, if it were possible to do this, go to homes to see if I could encourage others to do what I am doing. Just teaching them how to switch on and showing them that everyone can do it.

I will make myself a drink now, put the television on and stay downstairs until I need to go to bed. At least I have taken some of my ramblings out of my head and put them down on paper.

God night, stay safe, and hope my little stories help.

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