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Very early days to say that I am not happy being at home, as, because of my hectic work life, I have niot had the time to enjoy time at home. Perhaps, if I am forced into continued lonliness for the foreseeable future which could last for months, my blog will change in content drastically. I am still planning jobs to do and I am looking forward to doing them, but I have to stay well and focussed. I am just watching Boris giving his daily talk, now 5.30pm, and he is now forcing closure of more businesses.

If there are people reading this blog who would like to contribute some information, not necessarily connected with my model shop activities, please let me know. I will do my best to help. As I have said before I am not a good cook, so ready cooked meals could not be offered, nor can I sing, so U Tube is out of the question, but I would try anything else as long as I can stay indoors here. Quite limited really, but I would like to help in other ways.

It will be my 4th day tomorrow and I will be here early in the morning. I will try and think of times I spent after the war when all people had difficult times, but we got through.

Please keep well.

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