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5.22am. Who on earth thinks of - what to write about - so early on a Sunday morning? Are there more of you out there waiting for contact? I have come downstairs just to say 'good morning' to all, have a nice day, thank you to my family for my presents and, yes, I am fine. You might not think so, but I am.

I did wake up very early. I know it was early because the central heating comes on at 5am and this hadn't happened. I lay awake and of course, if I had anyone with me to listen, my mouth would have been off at a tangent, but there is no one here.

After a while I though I would watch television and pressed the button. Now who do you think would try and sell a chair with a cushion on it, with an egg on the top of the cushion? Are we all simple who watch these programmes? I turned this off, came downstairs, and started typing. Let me know if you would think of buying a cushion with an egg on top of it. It could be a new way of pregnancy where the egg can be fertilised on a cushion, but you have to sit on it.

I think I should go back to bed. I have already made some toast, but not started eating it yet because I needed some time to think about new ways of fertilising eggs, so I will turn this machine off and start again after I go back upstairs and watch the television more. I could learn some interesting facts.

To my daughter Beverley. I am sure you will remind yourself how lucky you are that I don't live with you.

My son Gary is probably waiting for my continuation of ramblings, as his brain is as active as mine is, even more so.


Thank you Andrew for your comment. I too haven't made good chips for years. I am not going to recommend we all go back to the good old days when chip pans were all the rage, but we had more kitchen fires because the older generation would forget they had started heating the fat and had then fallen asleep.

I will find out how to make good chips and contact you again. Liz

I have had a little break - bathed, pampered, face cleansed, and make up reapplied, so ready to face the world. I have also put on my artistic attempts clothes. Just to look the part - bright pink and black trousers, white, with assorted splashes of colour tee shirt, and a zip up jerkin, with more assorted coloured paint on the front. Ready.for the day.l It looks absolutely beautiful outside. It is still cold, so will paint my picture(s) first and the day may warm up, get my empty plant pots ready to fill with compost, take cuttings, then try and replant all the cuttings I took last year into my new large woooden containers. I did put some new plants in here at the end of last year (well my gardener did) and these plants have brilliant new foliage on them

To those readers who really log on to the Kitlady site for information regarding work, we are still closed, sorry, but the staff are still working hard trying to increase our mail orders.

I will finish off later in the day.

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