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My retirement is looming. Am I looking forward to this I really don't know. It is more or less emphasising that I need to approach my final years with a little more relaxation time, but I have to tell my brain that I need to do this.

People are still click and collecting and, when I have the chance to talk to my customers at the door, it is so hard to say 'fond farewells. I have known many customers for over 30 years and they are simply devastated at the closure of the shop. I did try to sell and had entered negotiations in February, but, with the Covid taking over in so many areas, the buyers reluctantly withdrew from the purchase of the company. I admire them for taking this decision as it is so difficult to look favourably on the future.

I will blog again before I leave. To all, thank you again for being such good customers, especially to 'Bruno from Brazil, who I know reads these blogs.


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