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I have not put a new message on here for quite a time, so I thought I would do one today to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter Holiday. Mark, Kenny and Phil are now off on a well deserved break, as they have been very busy mainly sending out parcels by post. The shop, of course remains closed. I am here at home in isolation. Because I had not taken time off for holidays for a very long time I thought that this break would be beneficial in that I could do all the outstanding work necessary at home. 23 days have gone and I have really accomplished nothing.

However, what does it matter? I have only seen one person in all this time and chatted through the garden hedge for 5 minutes. That is it.

I still do a daily blog to family and friends, and people who have requested this. If you want to be included please email me If you read this Bruno from Brazil, get in contact.

I do miss the work at Transport Models, mainly the interaction between customers, but I do not miss serving in the shop.

Until this situation improves, look after yourselves and keep safe.



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