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Day 3 8am

Back downstairs. I have been watching TV this morning. Am I really selfish, as so many people are out there being helpful and thinking of others, not just them self I was in Morrisons at the weekend and most of the ladies on the tills looked as old as I am, if not older. They are still working, or am I doing the right thing in keeping myself isolated. At least if I don’t become a burden and require hospital treatment, this would help the NHS.

If anyone is out there from the NHS, or connected to the brilliant staff looking after us all, thank you. Thank you too – family and neighbours. I could be helping a little by writing my little story. The people that read part 1 have asked for a continuation. I did not plan to do this, but, if I can’t talk to my friends and customers, at least I can correspond with them in some way.

The sun is shining, a little cold, actually very cold, but I am going to go out there and take some cuttings. I have a lot of plant pots, rooting powder, so this is another of my plans for today. Under normal circumstances I would have been at work by now. I have already spent time writing this blog and sent 4 emails to work. If anyone reading this is self-isolating and normally a worker, also old, are you in the same position as myself, all alone, yet not alone. How am I going to feel if I have to stay here for the next few months. I could continue writing this blog, which could be absolutely boring for some, but at least social contact for others, especially my nice customers. I know I talk endlessly but people are interesting and I love people. I hope to see most of them again before I retire, if I get the chance to do so.

To all the housewives out there who do not go out to work. I have wiped down my kitchen surfaces about 100 times since being at home. I never used to see any marks, or problems, when I worked. Generally I was so tired when I arrived home at night, and, after consuming my vitamins in liquid form, did not see the problems with marks. Now my kitchen has no marks. But nobody here to see this. Does it really matter?

Should receive my mother’s day present from one of my daughters today. Probably thrown over the fence as requested on my front door. They haven’t arrived as yet.

Going to try and make tempura batter today. I have had a deep fat fryer for about 3 years to I am going to try this out. If I don’t send any more blogs, please enquire at the office to see if I am ok.

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