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16.30 2nd day.

So far today has been very eventful. I have put my blog on the website, and have had 4 comments, even one from a very good customer, Bruno from Brazil. Bruno buys quite a few boxes of the plastic figures manufactured by the American company, Armies in At least I shouldn’t develop the virus, as I don’t see anyone. Yes, the window cleaner came, but all I did was to place his money on the doorstep. It is no longer there, so this should now be in his pocket.

I have been kept informed of sales at work and there have been numerous ‘phone orders, so thank all my customers who are thinking of us.

Will try and think of some good news to put in the next paragraphs.

DAY 3 6.30AM

As well as putting the self-isolation day, I think I will put the date as well. When you are at work the date really matters, as invoices, wages, rents, and general bills are all paid on a certain day of the month. I have one member of staff who takes control of all these essential tasks, and keeps me informed of the current situation. Luckily for our company as a whole, we have no problems so far, but, should we have to close the retail shop for a few months, I know we could get any help from our bankers.

When I left Oyston Mill last Saturday night the future seemed to be progressing in the right direction. I was going to work until 30 June and then look forward to my retirement. Circumstances changed drastically over the weekend, with pressure being applied by my family to stay away from contact with customers. I never realised I was so old. The Government keep commenting on the ‘over 70’s’. I have now to accept that I am in the ‘at risk’ group purely on my age. I still look in the mirror and see myself as generally youthful, but I should look more closely now. I will still do my best and have made sure my family know, any stray hairs on my face, even in death, have to be plucked out. What a topic.

My plans for today. Had a coffee already so now for the excitement of what to do next.

One – once back downstairs I think I will tackle the oven. Under normal circumstances I contact a very nice man who spends an hour or two degreasing and making this piece of equipment presentable. At least I will make it look better just for now.

Two – contact the office. Will give the staff a little time to plan their days. I have to contact Phil to see what I have to do to put on this part of my blog. Do start a new one, or just continue at the end of the first part? Will go ahead with this part.

The blog has been very exciting for me. I never realised that the contents of my ‘brain on paper’ would be read so quickly. I must try and remember if I have ever lived through such difficulties. . I have never been so afraid of ‘germs’, non-visible gremlins, but I am. At work my main work is the buying of secondhand items. If I had been able to go to work, this particular job would have to be put on hold. One of the main tasks I was going to do when I retired was to clear out my wardrobe and send the unwanted items to the charity shop. Will anyone want these now? I have handled so many unwanted secondhand collectables I could have built up a good immune system but I am going to stay safe.

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