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16.21 4th day continuation.

People reading this will want to know whether the lunch was good. Not really. I put the slithers of broccoli into the batter mixture and placed these into a dish of hot fat with my potatoes for roasting. I wrapped the lamb in silver foil and put this in a roasting dish, reading the instructions on cooking time listed on the outside of the packet. I mixed some gravy mixture (chicken as I had no lamb in the cupboard) and left this ready for the final stages of my lunch. After the specified time I took all out of the oven. The broccoli looked like it was wrapped in a pancake, as the batter had not risen, the lamb, after a good 2 hours, was not cooked through, probably because I had wrapped the tin foil too tight, the roasted potatoes turned out exactly as packet roasted potatoes cooked by me usually taste, in other words, not the beautiful crispy potatoes my mother used to make. I finally covered in a gravy. I am sure I did not put much salt in this, but it was very salty. So, all in all, a little disaster.

I think I have mentioned earlier that I have had 3 husbands, two have died and the other found someone younger. People often ask me why I have not met my 4th husband – now I think you will understand why not. One saving grace today was my daughter’s hamper sent to me for mother’s day. The chocolates were brilliant. Now, all I have to think about is what to make for tea.

I do watch cookery programmes on television. The Great British Menu is on at the moment. Can the contestants buy better ingredients than I can, is it just luck, or have I to practice? I have free time now so I will add this to my list of tasks.

There is another cookery programme on now – Ready, Steady Cook. The contestants are vegan. No more to be said.

Waiting for the current affairs programme, generally broadcast around this time and will spend a little more time later on to finalise the events of my 4th day. If I am isolated here for months, it will end up being a book containing the ramblings of an imprisoned pensioner.

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