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11.23am 4th DAY

Have had a very pleasant morning. My neighbour has been to the shops and brought me a shoulder of lamb, which is now in the cooker, I am also going to make, again, tempura battered broccoli, roast potatoes and, of course, gravy. I am a Lancashire lass and gravy has to be with all roast dinners. My neighbour, (Kim), also put two bunches of roses in the carrier bag with the lamb. Am I lucky? Of course.

I have also received a lot of emails expressing an interest in my blogs, so this is making me happy too.

I have now prepared my first canvas for painting on. I have put all my tubes of paint, in colour order, on the kitchen worktop, and soon will have completed my first painting this year. These are not masterpieces, but I love colours, rich, multi-toned colours, which I blend together according to my taste on the day. Some are wishy washy, some very striking, and one or two good, not very good, but good. They hang in every room of my house. If I am not happy with the end result, some streaks of copper, gold, silver and other metallic finishes makes a mediocre canvas into an acceptable print. I was once informed by a psychiatrist that children with a high mental ability love to paint in striking colours. A little on the eccentric scale, but some people say that I am quite eccentric. I don’t think I am, but interesting to some, and different.

I am watching, whilst typing, the cookery programme with James Martin. How easy. I would have to spend a fortune to put all these oddities into my kitchen cupboard, only to throw most of them out two or three weeks later.

I will continue this blog before I end the day.

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